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Testimonials - General Testimonials

General Testimonials
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Phill McCnett - Long Beach, CA
We noticed cracks in the interior and exterior walls in our home in Long Beach. We searched online and called California Foundation Works. Kobi came out to examine the house. He was very professional and honest. He advised us about precautions we need to take to maintain the foundation and also explained the causes of these cracks. Due to poor drainage and the soil issue we have in our area, we needed to install underpinning support pads and a proper drainage system. After the foundation upgrade they leveled our floors and the house looks like there was never any problem. These guys were great and provided me with affordable solutions to our foundation and drainage problems. Thank you California Foundation Works."
Steve Hens, Los Angeles
I've worked with California Foundation Works several times and have always been IMPRESSED.

Prompt, friendly, knowledgeable, whether it's a slab foundation or raised foundation these guys help me maintain my properties safe and in best condition. California Foundation Works and all of their employees go the extra mile to make sure everything is done right, and none of them are afraid to get their hands dirty. (It's amazing what they can do, even with the most difficult and challenging foundation issues)

These guys are one of the best foundation repair company in Los Angeles, and are very reputable, and they have great attitude and customer service. They really believe in helping their customers.

I would recommend them to anyone that need their foundation fix. Thank you California Foundation Works!
Michelly Grosmnson - Malibu, CA
"This is how you run a a great business. I paid a fair price and got what was promised. a small army of workers showed up on time, were incredibly efficient, and cleaned up so you never know they were there. the foreman was patient with a nervous and exacting homeowner".
Kathy Blackwell - Pasadena, CA
"I have had the pleasure to work with California Foundation Works for several years. I have always found them to provide excellent service and to be dependable, honest and helpful to my clients. They understands how important repairs are in a real estate transaction and they are always there to provide his outstanding expertise for me and my clients. I believe California Foundation Works is very competitively priced and would highly recommend them to all my friends, family and clients".
John Berring - Orange, CA
"I cant thank you enough for the great service your company gives all my clients. The excellent work that is done by the entire staff at California Foundation Works always leaves my clients feeling very satisfied from the total experience. I can contact Juan directly to ask any questions and know that he will give me professional answers that I do count on in my business. I do call on your office staff for setting up appointments for my clients and feel like they place my request at the top of their list to make me happy. My clients always come first with California Foundation Works and I like that".
Tom Stern - Agoura Hills, CA
"Thank You for a fast services, your workers were on time, respectful and cleaned up after they finished each day. i will refer you to my family. awesome job!!"
Tore Knollson - Tarzana, CA
"I have nothing but GREAT things to say about California Foundation Works. I feel they are only a phone call away, and they do their best to meet any necessary deadlines. They look at each home on an individual basis, and have a way of easing the minds of the buyer or seller. I am amazed at the number of times they have inspected a house my buyers had concerns with, only to determine that the settling we are seeing is normal, and that we have nothing to be concerned about. The few times they HAVE concluded that foundation work is necessary, they have handled my client in a trustworthy manner, with a positive end-result! In my book, they are the best!"
David Stevenson - Glendale, CA
"We had a foundation company come out and give us an estimate. when California foundation works came in, they gave us a bid which was not only almost half as much as the other company, it was more comprehensive. the workers came in, completed all the work that was promised, and left our home as clean as it was when they started. that kind of honesty is rare, and we appreciate it so much..."
Eric Simines - Culver City, CA
"California foundation works came to inspect my home and told me that no work was necessary. he performed the inspection for free, and even though no work was done, he refused to charge me a penny. i am trying to sell my home and to get a seal of approval without the extra cost and headache was a heaven sent experience. if i ever do need to get work done i will definitely call them again".
Gabi James - Egal Rock, CA
"California foundation works did some work on our home a couple years ago and we were very pleased. they were professional, courteous, experienced and friendly. we have recently seen some new cracks and had no questions about who we wanted to do the work".
Steve Jonson - Beverly Hills, CA
"Your people were a joy to work with, and I can assure you that I would be the first in line to recommend California Foundation Works for any foundation construction project".
Ester Wells - Woodland Hills, CA
"California Foundation Works has been excellent to work with. The project manager and superintendent have been very open and accommodating to work with through the construction process. As with all building projects, issues arise, but we were able to work with the California Foundation Works team to create a safe building that should serve our company years to come".
David Shermanian - Simi Valley, CA
"We know the specifications we had decided upon made your work much more difficult than would be the normal case, but you each handled the Foundation retrofit with good suggestions, ideas and workmanship and we are both very please with the results. Thank you California Foundation work!"
Eric Mecaho - Tarzana, CA
"Now that this foundation repair project is complete I want to tell you how pleased we are with the outcome as well as with your employees who were involved with in this project. We will highly recommend your company to our neighbors and will certainly contract with you again".
Scott Arkensow - Los Angeles, CA
"Top Service! the workers came in, completed all the retrofitting work on time, and left our home as clean as it was when they started. I appreciate it so much and will contact CFW for my next projects".
Marry Echos - Los Angeles, CA
"I did my homework....they were the lowest price, and they gave me a great price on my foundation replacement. everything was handled to perfection, from the start of work to the final inspection".
Dolly Richardson - Beverly Hills, CA
"It was great working with ur company. you were fast, your workers were on time, respectful and cleaned up after they finished each day. i will refer you to my neighbors, friends and family. great job!!"
Britt Lorrence - Los Angeles, CA
"Structured Foundation Repairs is the first foundation repair company that I call. In my business I am always in a time crunch to get an estimate of work and they have never failed me. It is important to me to have a foundation company that I can rely on for quick and reliable service and information. I think that the inclusion of a third party structural engineering report on both the front and back end of the work is vital in my business. Living and working in Los Angeles makes it imperative to have a foundation company that you can partner with. CFW is the best that I have worked with in my years in residential home repairs. Thank You for your hard work".
John Mason - Thousand Oaks
"We have used California Foundation Works exclusively for years and have been extremely satisfied. Prior to doing business with CFW, we had many different foundation repair companies. Our bidding days for foundation repairs are over. CFW has always done quality work at a competitive price and in a timely manner. As a real estate investor, it is crucial to identify potentially high cost issues that could affect your bottom line such as a failing foundation. Joe always gone out of his way to perform a knowledgeable pre-inspection that has ultimately resulted in thousands of dollars in savings. Thanks Juan and the rest of the California Foundation Works team!"


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