Foundation Repair & Insurance

foundation-insurnaceGenerally, foundation repair is not covered by most insurance policies.

Insurance is designed in such a way as to cover for emergencies, meaning something out of the ordinary happening suddenly or unexpectedly. While foundation problems usually emerge over the coarse of many years and for any number of reasons, they may still be covered by your insurance policy.

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It is very important to know your policy!

In all cases, home owners should contact their insurance company to determine the extent of their coverage, and shop around for the best deals on insurance. Know what types of foundation repairs may or may not be covered by a home insurance policy. (FEMA’s National Flood Insurance program)

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Insurance may cover house leveling costs when:

When the problem is caused by a plumbing issue, this is considered a sudden and unforeseen occurrence. If the direct cause of the damage is due to an earthquake, and the home owner pays a premium for Earthquake insurance, repairs will usually be covered by the insurance company.
In some cases of flooding, again, if the premium for flood insurance is paid, the policy may cover foundation repair to problems associated with flooding.

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Other Financing Options

In cases where home owners insurance does not cover structural foundation repair. Many home owners opt for home improvement financing to pay for foundation repair/house leveling services.