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House Leveling

We Specialize in House Leveling and Floor Leveling in Los Angeles | Orange | Ventura

After long period of time, building foundations will have some degree of settlement. There are a variety of factors which contribute to the underlying causes of settlement issues that need to be evaluated to find the best remedy for each individual case. Some of the causes could include: construction on un-compacted soil, undersized footing, or the presence of a plumbing leak over a long period of time.

* Doors and windows do not open and close properly
* Cracks in your walls (interior and exterior)
* Bumps in your floors
* Squeaky floors

 A sagging floor is common in older homes and is due to foundation settlement. Over time the soil under the foundation will settle, usually at different rates in different areas, causing the floor to warp and sag.

The cause of foundation settlement can be poorly compacted soil, or the cumulative effects of earthquakes over time, but the main reason is usually water. Poor drainage, water from leaky pipes, rain, or sprinklers, if it is allowed to collect near the foundation and soak the soil. Wet soil has reduced bearing capacity, and over time will result in soil settlement and foundation damage.

Here are the steps in the floor leveling process:

Shoring - beams are inserted under your home with jacks underneath.

Detaching House from Founadtion - Slowly, these jacks are raised evenly with minimum damage to the interior of your home.

New Support: - Once the building has been leveled, the existing foundation is adjusted to provide a solid bearing surface upon which the level floor is reset and anchored.
new piers are added; these new piers hold the adjustment in place

Leveling these uneven floors with a hydraulic jack can be a very tricky job and should only be done by a licensed, experienced contractor. If settled portions are lifted incorrectly, it can cause even more damage to the structure, breaking windows and creating even larger cracks. If old wood is warped into an arc, it may retain its shape even after leveling house supports. This is where our experience and expertise can help you correct sagging floors and the effects of foundation damage as much as possible while preventing the more expensive step of total replacement.

Leveling Your Slab Concrete Floors

In case you hae a slab floor and your need floor leveling, California Foundation Works is #1 when it comes to installing Concrete Overlays in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties. We can apply Self-Leveling Concrete Overlays to level your slab floor before you install a new carpet, hardwood floor or tiles.

An overlay is an option to cover up minor flaws, but it shouldn't be placed over major cracks that are structural in nature or concrete with severe spalling. Thicker-build overlays can cover up minor dips in a floor and go up to the bottom of baseboards if there is a gap after removal of previous floor coverings.

If you want to maintain a seamless transition between rooms, thinner overlays can go down to a featheredge, so they won't create a noticeable height difference.


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