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Retaining Wall Installation

We Specialize in Retaining Wall Design Installations and Repairs in Los Angeles | Orange | Ventura

A retaining wall is a stabilizing structure used to hold sloping ground in place and to prevent the erosion and the movement of soil. A retaining wall must be substantial and sturdy in structure in order to accommodate and redistribute lateral pressure caused by sloping. It is normally designed with seepage holes, which allow collected ground water to escape. This releases the additional pressure created by accumulated water and helps keep the retaining wall stable.
There are several different materials and ways that can be used to construct  a retaining wall or to repair a buckling retaining wall. Concrete retaining wall, Timber retaining wall, interlocking blocks retaining wall, stacked stone retaining wall and  brick or block retaining wall.
Concrete retaining wall Concrete retaining wall shotcrete
Timber retaining wall Timber retaining wall
Stacked stone retaining wall Interlocking blocks retaining wall
Block retaining wall Cinder block retaining wall

Each type of retaining wall is commonly designed to hold back soil and to prevent down-slope movement or erosion depends on the amount of soil that need to be retained.

Stone and concrete are often used, and there are special retaining wall blocks crafted from aggregate materials and light concrete which are designed for this purpose. Some styles interlock, making assembly simpler, less costly and less time consuming, because each block fits securely with the next. Because the fit of these blocks is secure, they do not require the addition of mortar.

A retaining wall can be a series of "steps" or tiers, which allows for a more attractive design as well as more efficient erosion control. The design can include different types of plantings, flowers or materials in each tier to bring more texture, color and interest to the area. Aside from the aesthetic value, a tiered design also provides better erosion control by breaking down the amount of soil, and therefore pressure, held by each division of the retaining wall.

Large stones and railroad ties were often used to build a tiered retaining wall in the past. Today, there are many styles and types of retaining wall blocks, and most people choose preformed blocks. These blocks are affordable and easy to use, making other methods somewhat obsolete, unless the look of rough stone or wood is preferred.

The key to constructing a stable wall is making sure that it is completely level. Each layer must also be backfilled to give the retaining wall substance and to help provide good drainage. Generally, sand, stone, pea gravel or leftover soil is used as backfill. Retaining wall is carefully engineered systems that wage an ongoing battle with gravity. They restrain tons of saturated soil that would otherwise slump and slide away from a foundation or damage the surrounding landscape.

Retaining walls exceeding 3 feet in height require an engineered plan, retaining wall permits and varying grading requirements such as a Geologic and Soils Report.

Each retaining wall construction is a unique situation and has to be designed by a professional soil or structural engineer. We offers a Free inspection and estimate with no obligation to you, We are here to help you make sure, that your property  is safe and there is no hidden danger from down-slope movement or erosion that might jeopardize you or your loved ones. We can be contacted by phone at (323) 418-2239.

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