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Sidewalk Repair & Installation

We Specialize in Sidewalk Repair & Installation in Los Angeles | Orange | Ventura

In today's litigious society, a broken or lifted sidewalk slab on your property is a lawsuit waiting to happen.  An unsafe walkway could result in a serious injury or worse, especially for our senior citizens. Either way, you're on the hook for a painful financial setback. One phone call to California Foundation Works will end the daily gamble you're taking, not to mention increasing the 'curb appeal' of your property.

Do you have one or multiple slabs that have been lifted due to tree roots? California Foundation Works can economically remove the slab, grind the tree roots without harming the tree, and bring your sidewalk back to its original state.

Whenever the concrete sidewalks surrounding your house or business are chapped and tumbling, you would likely conclude that they would be a disgrace. Nevertheless, a cracked sidewalk is a lot more than merely becoming a disgrace. It can demonstrate risks to anybody walking by. Whenever you have sidewalk fractures or a break down of your sidewalks, you would do best to acknowledge precisely what you perhaps are in for!

We can fix one slab or the entire sidewalk.

Now is the time to protect your most valuable asset from costly litigation. You'll gain both a beautiful sidewalk, and peace of mind. One call can do it all.

Who Should Pay to Repair Sidewalks?

Requiring sidewalk repairs before sale will make the city more accessible, but critics may object that cities are simply shifting the responsibility for repairs onto property owners. In California, however, property owners are already responsible for sidewalks. California’s Streets and Highways Code states, “The owners of lots or portions of lots fronting on any portion of a public street shall maintain any sidewalk in such condition that the sidewalk will not endanger persons or property and maintain it in a condition which will not interfere with the public convenience.”

Sidewalk Repair & Installation Service Area

California Foundation Works offers many commercial, industrial, and retail concrete repair services including sidewalk repair. 

For close to 10 years California Foundation Works has been performing concrete repair projects for property managers, owners, and general contractors.  Our Southern California concrete service areas include Orange County, Los Angeles, & Ventura California.

California Foundation Works specializes in repairing and installing concrete sidewalks of all shapes and sizes. Over the years, we have become one of the leading cement sidewalk repair and installation companies in the Southern California area.

If you have an existing damaged cement sidewalk, we can repair that as well. Whether your existing concrete is suffering from root damage, water damage, or heavy weight-load damage, we have the right solution for you. From standard 4’ sidewalks to custom sidewalk designs, we can handle any project. We also offer other alternatives such as exposed aggregate sidewalks, multi-grooved sidewalks, stamped concrete, & colored concrete plus many other types of sidewalk installations.

At California Foundation Works we try to understand the needs of our customers. When we perform a concrete sidewalk project we place as much emphasis on the concrete removal and demolition as the installation of the new sidewalk. We know how important it is to keep mess and debris to a minimum in order to create a safe environment for pedestrians and our customers near the job site.

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Call California Foundation Works with any of your concrete Sidewalk repair questions. We are happy to answer them!

Class “B” – General Building Contractor: A Class “B” – General Building Contractor’s principal business is in connection with any structure built, being built, or to be built, requiring in its construction the use of at least two unrelated building trades or crafts. However, framing and carpentry projects may be performed without limitation. A Class “B” licensed contractor may enter into a direct contract for projects involving only one trade, if the contractor holds the appropriate specialty license or subcontracts with an appropriately licensed specialty contractor to perform the work.


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