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Sister Foundation

Los Angeles Foundation and Sister Foundation Installation

California Foundation Works provides full foundation system installations and upgrades that will best protect your home and family in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties.

sister-foundation-wallA sister foundation is installed by digging a trench in the crawl space adjacent to the old foundation. Pockets are formed in the old foundation in order to join the two foundations (old and new).

Steel reinforcements (rebars) are then installed in the trench and are elevated above the soil with concrete spacers. Foundation bolts with large square washers are installed as well. Wooden forms are built to contain the concrete, ready-mix concrete, delivered to the job site by concrete trucks, is pumped into the forms.

After a day or two the wooden forms are removed. Sometimes solid wood blocking is added in between the floor joists above the new foundation. Framing anchors are installed to attach the new blocking to the new mudsill. Finally, clean up.

Our specialized estimate department will provide you with a full range of options that will best suit your home. They will walk through you the process from products selection to the designing of the repair plan, and straight through the installation of your newly solid foundation itself, which will bring you peace of mind knowing your home is safe.

sister-wall-foundation-installAn inside or outside foundation-reinforcing wall may be constructed against the bulged foundation wall. Unless the outside cause of bulging (such as water or frost) is also corrected, we are doubtful about the durability of this approach. In this photograph there had been a history of water entry and foundation wall cracks and movement at the front of this office building built with a portion of its foundation wall sitting on sloped bedrock.

The contractor built a reinforced concrete block against the damaged foundation wall, an effort which was largely successful at reducing most, but not all of the water entry (and mold) in the building. Simple measures outside to properly handle roof runoff by directing it against the foundation, and normal gutter maintenance, would help considerably in drying out this area. The sketch describes application of a reinforced concrete wall on the exterior of a building foundation.

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