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Slab Settlement & Crack Repair

Los Angeles Slab Settlement & Crack Repair

A concrete slab is a shallow rebar reinforced concrete structural component built onsite using formwork, a type of boxing mold form into which concrete is formed.

A slab is typically between 3-4-6 inches thick, usually intended for floors and ceilings spanning between support beams, girders or columns, while thinner slabs are more commonly used for exterior paving.

Concrete slab can be damaged by a variety of elements, such as earthquake damage and soil problems throughout the years and can lead to different types of problems, such as injuries, bugs and other critters getting in, and water damage.

If the crack or damage goes unattended long enough, it could lead to other damage in other parts of the concrete, such as structural damage which can become costly to repair.

Did you open your floors and discovered a crack slab floor? Do Worry!

Whether you need to repair your slab for a new flooring installation, or if you have a more sever damage we can provide you with best slab settlement repair in in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura.

California Foundation Works can inspect the condition and will offer the best solution to make your broken concrete slab into a solid slab foundation, here in Southern California where it is particularly important.

The following are symptoms indicate if you have a broken slab:

  Unleveled floors   Sloping floors Cracks around windows and door frames
  Broken floor tiles   Bumps in carpet Sticky doors or windows that are difficult to open and close.
The replacement of cracked slab is a reliable and stronger solution to repair your damaged slab floor.

This type of repair provides a new structural slab in these weakened areas and provides a flatter surface to the floor.

The Old slab will be saw cut along the crack in the damaged area, and a new structural slab will be installed in place by drilling to the existing slab using Epoxy gel and rebar usually about very 12" from both sides of the old slab.

The diagram below explains the process of repairing the cracked slab:

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