Sister Foundation in Los Angeles CA and surrounding cities.

A lot of homes in the Los Angeles area experience numerous foundation problems which are usually brought on by poor construction methods and materials, age, climate or by seismic activity. Unlike other types of foundations, Masonry and stone foundations are vulnerable to damage because they don’t have the reinforcement of rebars hence will easily start to fail.

sister foundation in los angeles

Of the various methods used to repair damaged foundations, sister foundations are one of the most suitable ways of repairing masonry or stone foundations. A sister foundation is a foundation that is built around an already existing but weak foundation in order to reinforce it without actually replacing it. The process of adding a sister foundation to an already existing foundation begins by digging a trench next to the foundation after which pockets are formed in the old foundation in order to attach the sister foundation to the old one. A rebar is then added and then wood frames and finally concrete is poured. The newly constructed sister foundation which is sturdy will hold the weight of the house instead of the old and weak foundation.

Old and weak masonry or stone foundations are very dangerous to the occupants of the house in the event of earthquakes or heavy downpours. Not only will a weak foundation start to cause cracks in the walls of the house but a  weak masonry or stone foundation will easily crumble and cause total destruction of the property in the event of an earthquake or heavy downpours because foundations are the first line of defense against earthquakes and storms.

sister wall foundation installation in los angeles

California Foundation works offers expert solutions for sister wall foundation installation procedures.  We handle the entire planning and permitting process. The installation of a sister wall will ensure that your foundation is reinforced and properly protected, and can usually be accomplished within a few days.