Sister Foundation in Los Angeles CA and surrounding cities.

California Foundation Works provides full foundation system installations and upgrades to ensure the safety of your home and family in Los Angeles County.

A sister foundation is the ideal solution to reinforce an older, weakened foundation.

sister foundation in los angeles

Our foundation experts begin this process by digging a trench in the crawl space adjacent to the old foundation. Next we form pockets in the old foundation to which we securely attach the new sister foundation.

A rebar grid is installed in the trench and elevated above the soil with concrete spacers. This will ensure the sister wall structure is strong enough to withstand the foundation loads. Foundation bolts with large square washers are installed,  as well as Wooden frames to contain the concrete. Mixed concrete is delivered to the job site by concrete trucks to be pumped into the frames.

We remove the frames after a day or two when the sister foundation is stable, and solid wood blocking is added in between the floor joists above the new foundation as needed. Framing anchors are installed to attach the new blocking to the new Mudsill. Finally, we clean up and return the

Our specialized estimate department will provide you with a range of options that are most suitable for your home. We will walk you through the entire process, starting with selecting the type of service needed, to selecting the details of the repair plan, and straight through the construction of your new foundation. We consider your input throughout the process, so you can be confident that your needs will be addressed.

sister wall foundation installation in los angeles

An inside or outside foundation-reinforcing wall may be constructed against the bulged foundation wall. Unless the outside cause of bulging (such as water or frost) is also corrected, this approach is not likely to be a lasting solution. This photograph shows a wall with a history of water entry, foundation wall cracks and movement. The front of this office building was built with a portion of its foundation wall sitting on sloped bedrock.

Most, but not all water entry and mold was eliminated after installation of  reinforced concrete block against the damaged foundation wall. Simple measurement taken to properly divert roof runoff and normal gutter maintenance  will help considerably in drying out this area.

California Foundation works offers expert solutions for sister wall foundation installation procedures.  We handle the entire planning and permitting process.  The installation of a sister wall will ensure your foundation is reinforced and properly protected, and can usually be accomplished within a few days.




Sister Foundation in Los Angeles CA and surrounding cities.