Slab Settlement & Crack Repair in Los Angeles CA and surrounding cities.

A concrete slab is a rebar reinforced structural component, built onsite using a form-work boxing mold.

A slab, typically 3,4, or 6 inches thick, is intended for floors and ceilings that span between support beams, girders, or columns. Thinner slabs are more commonly used for exterior paving.

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Concrete slabs can be damaged by a variety of causes, such as earthquakes and soil movement. Over time, a cracked slab can lead to a variety of problems; including injuries, pest invasion, and water damage.

If the crack or damage remains uncorrected, this may causes problems in other parts of the concrete, eventually leading to loss of structural integrity, and a very costly repair process.

Did you remove your flooring only to discover a cracked slab underneath? Don’t Worry!

Contact California Foundation Works for a Free* Slab Crack Repair estimate  today!

Whether you need to repair your slab for the installation of a new floor, or you have more severe slab damage, we will provide the best slab settlement repair in in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

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California Foundation Works can inspect the condition and will  apply the best solution to turn your broken concrete slab into a solid slab floor or foundation. Here in Southern California, this is particularly important.

The following symptoms are indicative of a damaged slab:

Unleveled floors

Broken floor tiles
Cracks Windows or Door frames

Sloping floors
Bumps in carpet

Sticky Doors or Windows

If you need slab crack repair, California Foundation Works can help!

We start by sawing the old slab along the cracked area. The area cut out extends 15” from each side of the crack. Before the new slab is poured, the structure will be reinforced and reconnected using epoxy gel and rebar.

Replacing your cracked slab is an effective solution. A new structural slab provides a flatter surface, and increases the overall stability of your floor.

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