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Maintaining a Foundation

water-problems-foundationIn dry seasons, the soil adjacent to the foundation should be watered to maintain a consistent moisture level.

Proper moisture levels are critical as the function is to keep a balanced soil water content next to and under the foundation.
The use of a water hose is most often the best solution. The soaker hose should be used 24" to 36" from the house. In many cases, homeowners have delayed too long before watering and cracks have already appeared in the home. In many cases, starting a watering program at this time is too late.
July, August, and September is when cracks in the soil often appear. You want to have initiated a watering program long before this so the cracks do not appear.
Other maintenance issues:


It is imperative that ground surface water drains away from the foundation. Ground surface water should never be allowed to pool around the foundation. You can perform annual inspections of the ground, from the foundation out at least five feet, directly after a rainstorm. If there is water pooling around the foundation, this situation must be addressed by installing proper drainage around the area.
Drainage should be directed away from the home and the water should let out 3-4’ away from the home at a minimum.

• Vegetation

Be aware of the kinds of trees you have planted near your home. Certain types of trees have extensive shallow root systems that absorb water from the soil. The Department of Housing and Urban Development states that trees be planted at the same distance as their ultimate height. Plants with large, shallow root systems planted in a shallow foundation that have roots that grow out in diameter, produce an upheaval in the foundation beam.

• Observation

During times of excessive moisture changes, you must inspect your foundation and note damage signs that can signal a problem. Read about Identifying Foundation Problems for more information. Don’t let early warning signs go unnoticed. Call an expert, schedule a free inspection and find out if you have problems that should be corrected. Not all problems are disasters, they may only be a sign of something that can be mended with increased watering or root barriers at a tree. Acting early can save you money.
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