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California Foundation Works Blog

California Foundation Works is a Los Angeles based construction company that specializes in foundation repair and concrete work, earthquake retrofitting and different drainage solutions for your property. If you are a home owner, general contractor, architect or a real estate agent, we certain this blog will provide you with relevant information regards foundation integrity, floor leveling, seismic safety and drainage solution in Southern California.

Commercial Concrete Resurfacing for Your Property in Los Angeles

Posted in Concrete

Do you own a business or commercial building? Appearance and first impressions are everything. If your front-walkway, steps and entrance are a little bit "worse-for-ware" your clients or professional tenants will notice. Cracked concrete walkways and steps can pose a safety hazard as well.

California Foundation Works can improve your business or commercial property from the inside out. We offer new wonderful resurfacing options for any:

    Concrete Steps
    Front Entries
    Garage Floors
    Shop Floors
    Showroom Floors
    Vertical Walls


Concrete is an excellent and unlikely canvas to work with. It can be decoratively resurfaced and altered into a variety of eye-catching styles. In fact, California Foundation Works has an array of options and colors to choose from.

Safety and first impressions count with tenants and customers. So consider resurfacing your concrete areas, such as concrete steps, driveways, garage floors, shop floors and more. Call Today 323-418-2239 for a free estimate for your commercial property concrete resurfacing project.

Peace of Mind with Concrete Waterproofing

Posted in Concrete

Water that enters your home through cracks in the concrete can turn to mold.

What's the solution?

Concrete waterproofing and sealing.

Waterproofing isn't just for basements walls.

In many home foundation inspections, we discover concrete cracks that are on the foundation walls, and in many cases, there are other cracks in different concrete section throughout the home. For example, when a residential home's hallway is made with concrete. One side is made of concrete and the other side is made from drywall. In order for the existing drywall to remain, dry, we waterproofed the existing concrete walls that lay opposite to it.

The concrete walls had moisture that was penetrating through. Water and drywall are a damaging mixture. So, we sealed and waterproofed the concrete wall and hallway.

After the waterproofing, the concrete floor looks shiny and new. The leaky concrete wall matches the existing drywall. and everything is waterproofed against moisture penetration.

To prevent mold and moisture from entering any living space in your home, have it professionally waterproof by California Foundation Works. We can asses and inspect your living space. Call Today! 323-418-2239

Concrete Overlay For Your Damage Garage Floors

Posted in Concrete

Don't replace it, reface it!" Give your existing concrete the new look of: Tile, Marble, Stone, Brick and More...

We here at California Foundation Works, the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley leaders for all of your concrete resurfacing needs, would like to discuss garage floor repair.

Through the years, the garage has taken on many other uses than just a place to put the family car. It has become a space for storage for some, but has also taken on the function of auto repair shop, work area - and let’s not forget the all important “man cave.”

At California Foundation Works, we know that your garage floors should not only look good, but should also be built to last. Your concrete garage floors is one of the most used and heavily impacted areas of your home or office. It must stand up to the weight of your cars or trucks and other heavy objects you may be storing there.

Concrete resurfacing options present a great alternative to removing and replacing your concrete garage floors. Instead of plain, grey concrete, we can coat your garage floors with a cement overlay in many colors and pattern options.

We even have solutions for the cracked concrete on your garage floors - just ask us for details! In the greater Los Angeles area of California, nobody is more experienced with repairing concrete slab floors and damaged garage floors than California Foundation Works.

With lasting durability and ease of maintenance, the possibilities are endless and much more economical than you think. Let California Foundation Works help you repair your garage floors today! Call! 323-418-2239


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