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Press Releases

$17.2 Million Damage to Homes

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Many California residents who endured flooding, mudslides and evacuations during a weeklong onslaught of rain must now clean up or even rebuild. 

Preliminary damage estimates throughout California were already in the tens of millions of dollars and expected to rise. A state of emergency was declared in a total of nine counties, including Los Angeles, Orange and Santa Barbara.

The inland region of Southern California east of Los Angeles emerged as among the hardest hit, especially San Bernardino County.

Baja Earthquake Puts Strain On Los Angeles

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The magnitude 7.2 earthquake that rocked desert communities in Baja, Mexico on 4 April 2010 appears to have transferred strain onto southern California faults, raising the risk of a "Big One" in the Los Angeles Basin, scientists said yesterday at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, California.

What the scientists saw was that strain propagated north, onto the Elsinore Fault, which leads into Los Angeles, and the San Jacinto Fault, which threatens the eastern part of the Los Angeles Basin near San Bernardino.

By mid-summer, the strain had quit advancing, but that doesn't mean the long-term threat has abated. "We know [the Baja quake] has increased the stress on the Elsinore and San Jacinto Faults," said Eric Fielding, a geophysicist NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Pasadena, California. "We don’t know if that increase is enough to cause the faults to have an earthquake in the near future, but it has definitely increased the stress."

We at California Foundation Works thinkIt is a wake-up call for home owners and property managers who are not certain of the strength of their foundations.

We live on a very active seismic area and you can only prepare before everything start shaking the next time.

California Foundation Works offers a Free inspection with no obligation to you, We are here to help you make sure, that your home is seismically safe and there is no hidden danger that might jeopardize you or your loved ones. They can be contacted by phone at (323) 418-2239, or via their website, www.CaliforniaFoundationWorks.com.

Landslide Threat: Mandatory Evacuations Near Los Angeles

Posted in Press Releases

Landslide Threat: Mandatory Evacuations Near Los Angeles December 22, 2010 | LA Times

Parts of Southern California have received over 12 inches of rain in the past few days. Areas where wildfires have burned off the vegetation are vulnerable to landslides. Mandatory evacuations have been ordered in the most vulnerable neighborhoods.

Click here to read the full article at L.A Times

We offer our special foundation repair services in Los Angeles County and for the residences of La Crescenta, Cañada Flintridge, and the foothill suburbs that are under threat of flood waters draining from the fire-scarred slopes of the San Gabriel Mountains.

California Foundation Works assists property owners with planning to reduce or eliminate these devastating losses by performing a seismic retrofit, installing drainage systems, mudslides prenvention, and/or structural repairs.

Call California Foundation Works with any of your foundation concrens  or questions. We are happy to answer them!


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