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Real Estate

Structural Tips When Buying a Home

Posted in Real Estate

There are many aspects one must check when buying a home. Structural integrity is one of the most important.

Structural issues, poor crawl space conditions, foundation cracks or damage, and basement problems can indicate major problems under the surface that must be addressed before committing to the purchase, or at least the purchase price.

Some common things to look out for are cracks in the walls, around doorways and windows both inside and out, cracks along the outside walls along the seam of the house to the foundation, cracks in the concrete around the property, retaining wall cracks or foundation cracks, uneven floors, sticking doors and windows. Other things to look out for are dead grass that may be an indication of water pooling in certain areas or cracked walkways and cracked sidewalks due to tree roots. Any dampness in the walls, crawl space, basement or anywhere else could also be an indication of a water issue which could indicate a more severe issue within the foundation.

These could be indications of settling soil, settling foundation or settling foundation footing, and water infiltrating the foundation or causing the soil to shift beneath the foundation. Water issues can also cause poor health conditions such as mold and can attract unwanted pests and vermin. In addition to foundation repair and concrete repair, we also offer a wide selection of drainage solutions to mitigate water issues.

When considering a home for purchase, these are some of the most obvious things you can look out for that can either help you in the negotiating process or prevent you from making a bad investment. You can schedule a foundation inspection, when we will thoroughly inspect the foundation underneath the home and the surrounding grounds to find any small or major issues the property may have.

If you are concerned regarding foundation cracks, concrete cracks or retaining wall cracks, drainage issues or water issues, or any other concerns you may be having, call us anytime at California Foundation Works (323) 418-2239 to schedule your inspection anytime.


Foundation Repair: What to Expect at Your Inspection

Posted in Real Estate

Foundations are very essential to the integrity of a home and other structures. A cracked foundation is a sign of potential risk for more serious damage or collapse, especially during earthquakes. If you want to be protected from any extreme condition, foundation inspection is the main solution. This method saves you from constant repairs and other costly expenditures. With a structurally solid home foundation, you are assured to increase the value of your property.

Every foundation repair company has its own process of inspection. They also have different equipment and inspection regulations. Since not all foundation companies are the same, you should know how they work. Knowing their basic actions can be of great help to recognize if your preferred foundation company is effective or not. For the best Los Angeles Foundation repair a sequence of accurate foundation inspection methods is called for. The first process of inspection starts outside the home. As expected, your foundation repair contractor should examine the perimeter of your house and soil movement. Through examining, they can easily identify if they have warning signs of existing or impending damage. Every area should be checked to have a concrete idea about the entire condition of the house. The typical examples of these types of warning signs are the brick separating from window casings or walls, deflection in grout lines, cracks and other warning signs. They should also take a look under the foundation. It is not always necessary to go all the way underneath the house as some damage will be seen right away just by looking.

After examining the outer part of your house, inspectors proceed to interior home checking.  If there is foundation damage, you will be able to see multiple signs showing structural failure. In inspecting the interior space, it is essential to take floor elevations measurements. If necessary, your selected Los Angeles foundation inspector should examine the carpet, tile, wood and other types of flooring. In some cases, foundation experts prefer to draw a simple representation of your home’s slab and other drainage areas to show where the damaged areas are or where the repairs need to be made. Inspectors also consider the interior movement. This includes wall cracks, doors that no longer close, sheetrock, rafters and other conditions.

After wide checking, inspectors must outline the foundation damage in your home. They should inform you through discussing the outcome of their inspection. They should also provide enough tips and suggestions, and discuss if you need to have a serious, all encompassing, repair or not. Before deciding to hire the services of any foundation repair company, it is also best to obtain several quotes. These foundation repair estimates help you in determining the exact amount of money is reasonable to solve your problems.

Whether you have mild or extreme foundation damage, you have to solve this as soon as possible. Failure to do this may lead to risky conditions not only to your family, but to your property as well. If you don’t want your home to be ruined due to damaging elements, start examining its entire condition. With the help of a professional Los Angeles Foundation Repair Company, everything will go in order.

To those who are in need of foundation repair services, California Foundation Works provides a free inspection for homeowners. California Foundation Works assures that your property will be safe by providing a wide variety of repair systems and techniques. To schedule your free inspection with California Foundation Works call (323) 418-2239 for more inquires.

What is Your Home Worth in Today's Market?

Posted in Real Estate

home-worthMany people associate foundation problems with older homes, however Consumer Reports found that an alarming 20% of new homes had serious foundation problems.These problems were found to have two causes: poor drainage or construction, and homes built on poorly compacted fill soils.

The Real Estate Seller Disclosure Act requires that  types of foundation problems needs to be disclosed to potential home buyers. Realtors and real estate agents tell us that they have to discount a home with foundation problems or defects 10 to 20% in order to go forward with the sale of the home.

Luckly most of foundation problems can be repair and bear in mind that there are a rang of different solutions for repairing a foundation.

Repairing a damaged foundation is a job that pays for itself immediately and is too important to put off for later, and it's costs a fraction of the cost of the home. By not fixing your foundation, it's going to cost you much more money than fixing your foundation.

California Foundation Works is a foundation specialists would like to provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate for your foundation problem. We are available to do whatever we can to assist you in finding the best options for your foundation work and to help you rush the selling process of your property. Call or contact us for a free foundation repair estimate today!

Selling a Home with Tree Roots Vegetation and Foundation Problems

Posted in Real Estate

cracked-brick-wallTree roots and shrubs can be the source of home foundation problems. Trees and shrubs withdraw large amounts of water from the surrounding soil and in areas of expansive soils that could be problematic.

The southern California area is home to large areas of expansive soils, which expand in volume when wet and shrink in volume when dry. This process of expansion and shrinkage is repeated many times and is called horizontal movement, vertical movement, uplift, upheaval and/or soil movement. Unfortunately for home foundations this soil movement is strong enough to crack and damage them. Usually the moisture content of the soil under the center part of the foundation remains stable. Usually it is the soil around the perimeter of the foundation that is alternately exposed to large volumes of water (rain) and long periods of drought. The repeated swelling and shrinkage of the soil will cause portions of the foundation to rise and to fall.

What happens when a large tree or dense shrubbery removes a disproportionate amount of water from the soil on one side of a home? Since the loss of water is not uniform around the entire perimeter of the home foundation, the soil near the tree or shrubbery will shrink to a disproportionate degree. The soil will then lose contact with the foundation and there is nothing but air between the foundation and the soil. The foundation will then "sag," "sink," or settle on that side of the home, and both the foundation and the home will suffer damage.

If the seller is concerned about foundation problem, then the next buyer is going to have a BIG question about this also.  

Is it easy to sell a house with BIG questions?  Think about it.

We recommend that you hire your own foundation company that employs qualified structural Engineers and get your own inspection. Then you can show the next buyer your findings and have more confidence for your own peace of mind.

California Foundation Works is a specialty foundation repair contractor that have the right solutions for your foundation problems.They offers a Free inspection with no obligation to you, We are here to help you make sure, that your property foundation is seismically safe and there is no hidden danger that might jeopardize you or your loved ones. They can be contacted by phone at (323) 418-2239, or via their website, www.CaliforniaFoundationWorks.com.

Be Careful of Foundation Problems When Getting Your Home Ready for the Market

Posted in Real Estate

crack-foundation-wallIn today’s tight economy selling a house isn’t easy these days. There are a huge number of homes on the market, and buyers are easily scared off if they encounter problems that may negatively impact resale value. Among the many issues that need to be addressed in order to make a house more marketable, foundation problems rank near the top of the list.

it’s understandable for homeowners to put off home improvements until they feel more financially secure. But it’s important to make a distinction between basic “feel-good” improvements (like painting a room or installing shelving) and repairs that correct safety issues or prevent a problem from getting worse. Fixing a damaged foundation definitely falls into that list of the “must-do” things.

Some foundation problems are obvious—cracks, tilting chimneys and bowing basement walls, for example. But there are other symptoms that may signal a settling or shifting foundation. For example, windows or doors can be racked by a shifting foundation and become difficult to open and close. Drywall cracks that extend from the corners of windows and doors are another telltale sign.

The good news about foundation problems is that most of them can be corrected, as long as the contractor has the training, tools and materials to do so.

California Foundation Works is a specialty foundation repair contractor that have the right solutions for your foundation problems. They offers a Free inspection with no obligation to you, We are here to help you make sure, that your property foundation is seismically safe and there is no hidden danger that might jeopardize you or your loved ones. They can be contacted by phone at (323) 418-2239, or via their website, www.CaliforniaFoundationWorks.com.


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