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Ways In Which Rain Can Destroy Your House

Surface Water

Water Damage

Apart from the cold weather that winter comes with, it also brings rain which can cause damage to your house both directly and indirectly. In order to prevent damage, it’s advisable for homeowners to prepare for winter by having the necessary repairs. There are certain parts of a house that are more vulnerable to damage by rain hence homeowners need to pay extra attention to them.

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Regular cleaning of your gutters might seem like a useless task but failure to do so will likely cause damage to your house. Most of the damage caused by gutters can be very expensive to repair, therefore prevention is the best solution. When the gutters are left to fill up with leaves or debris, the water begins to overflow down the sides which in turn destroys the wooden boards which hold the gutters.

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Foundation repair is one of the most expensive types of repairs that can be done to a house. Homeowners need to understand what causes foundation damage and how to prevent it. Water is one of the main causes of foundation damage to a house, and so, homeowners need to adequately prepare their foundations for the winter. The goal of preventing foundation damage caused by rain is to prevent excess water from reaching your foundation. There are many ways in which this can be done and some of these include directing rainwater away from the foundation by using gutters and other channels. Another way to prevent this is by waterproofing your foundation so that water doesn’t seep through to your foundation during a flood.

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Your drainage is also at risk of damage by rain if it is not in good condition. A drainage system needs to be regularly inspected and repaired to prevent any clogs from causing overflows and floods. Damaged drainage systems will cause flooding which in turn suffocates the trees, plants, and flowers on your yard.

Contact a professional drainage contractor if you want to prevent damage to your house from the rain.

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How To Choose a Drainage Contractor

How do you choose a drainage contractor ? Drainage contractors are experts who provide water management related services with regards to installation, maintenance and the supply of materials. There are different ways a homeowner can determine who is a good and reliable drainage contractor.home-exterior-drainage-system-in-los-angeles

Full Service

To choose a drainage contractor It’s important to hire a contractor that offers a wide range of services because different sets of skills other than those requested might be needed as the work progresses and new problems are discovered. A contractor should be able to address any other problems that arise as the work is going on. A drainage contractor who is able to install french drains and also build a retaining wall is better than one that only installs french drains.

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References  and Reviews

A good contractor always has good references and reviews. Checking reviews on websites such as yelp, angie’s list, facebook and bbb should always be mandatory in order to see what their previous clients think. Negative online reviews don’t necessarily mean that a company is bad but how a company responds to the negative reviews will show how a company deals with its clients.

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Licensed, Insured and Bonded

It might not seem like a big deal to verify whether a drainage contractor is licensed, insured or bonded but it is in case something goes wrong. Having an insured, licensed and bonded drainage contractor will insure that you as a client are hiring a reputable contractor that abides by regulations.  A contractor will usually have liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. Liability insurance covers damages caused by a contractor to a client’s property while workers compensation covers lost wages due to an injury or medical services.

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To hire a reliable drainage contractor, you need to check if they offer full services, their references and also check if they are licensed, insured and bonded. Call California Foundation Works on 323-418-2239 to schedule a free inspection and estimate.