Drainage Problems

Home Drainage Advise Before Winter Starts!

Your house is probably the most important investment that you could ever have. Just like your car, your house needs maintenance since it is also susceptible to damages and deterioration. Drainage Problems

The foundation of your house determines the strength it could have in withstanding any damages caused by inevitable events such as earthquakes and ground movements. Foundation problems may also likely occur due to some factors such as poor drainage systems and waterproofing issues in your home.
There are also small problems in your house structure that when left untreated could result in further damage to the foundation of your house. You could fix your homes foundation problems by first keeping an eye on the noticeable change in the structure of your house. It could be in the form of small cracks in your house walls, basement floor, uneven flooring, and jammed windows and doors. It is your sole responsibility to have basic assessment on the possible foundation problems your house could have. A more detailed and specific inspection of your home foundation problems could be left to foundation contractor professionals.

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You could start spotting foundation problems in your house by looking at your home’s exterior bricks or block. There are various forms of wall cracks that determine how serious your home foundation problem is. You could check out if there are cracks in your home window frames. Cracks around the joints where the frames meet the walls could indicate that your house has a foundation problem. If doors also appear to be at an angle, there could be some faulty damage to the foundation.
You may also inspect bumps and slopes on your house floors. Uneven level of your floor basement is due to house settling and could cause further sagging. Be keen in investigating the exterior of your house for possible standing water that may seep under the foundation of your home causing it to soften and render it unable to hold the weight of your home. Adding drainage around the perimeter of your house will fix these types of foundation problems. Seek the help of a professional foundation contractor such as California Foundation Works, a Los Angeles foundation repair company.
Other noticeable house foundation problems are the nails coming loose from corner frames and walls, cracks in basement causing water to leak and continue to widen, cracks on the outside concrete base of your house, crack slab floor and leaky rooftops that are not the result of poor roof materials. Drainage problems such as poor drainage systems or clogged drainage could result in soil instability around the foundation of the house causing it to settle. Poor drainage systems lead to standing water and puddles making the soil to settle and unable to support the weight of the house.

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California Foundation Works repair services in Los Angeles provides you with solutions to your foundation problems and ensures you a stress free foundation repair for your home. California Foundation Works, your Los Angeles drainage contractor ensures that your house gets the right drainage system. California Foundation Works professionals will increase the security of your home. Waterproofing contractors such California Foundation Works give solutions to waterproofing problems in your house. Molds that grow from extreme moisture in your home could now be avoided with the use of their services. They offer free* inspection on these and all other possible foundation problems in your home. California Foundation Works, your Los Angeles Foundation contractor and drainage contractor can be reached by phone at (323) 418-2239 to set up your foundation and drainage inspection anytime. Ensure the safety of your house by entrusting it to professionals!

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bad drainage foundation damage in los angeles

Proper Drainage Can Prevent Costly Foundation Repairs for Los Angeles Homeowners

Inadequate drainage can be a serious problem for homeowners in the Los Angeles area for a variety of reasons. Among the issues caused by poor drainage are, erosion, and cracking in concrete sidewalks & walkways, patio slab floors, retaining walls, fences and foundation. If water seeps through a gap or crack in these materials, this can put severe pressure on the foundation and lead to some very significant issues. Here are a few of the most commonly visible warning signs of a drainage issue:

1. Large Surfaces of Standing Water

In order for a property to drain effectively, water must flow away from the home or building and should be directed toward storm drains or other areas away from the home. If your lawn’s grading is simply too flat, water will pool up on your lawn, leaving it muddy and killing patches of grass. This can be prevented if you ensure your gutters and downspouts direct water away from your property and foundation. Some homes will require further drainage correction measures, such as adjusting the properties grading to ensure water drains away efficiently.

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2. Dead or Dying Plants

While your landscaping does require water to grow, excessive amounts can actually cause your plants to drown and die. Wilting flowers, browning leaves, and rotting roots all indicate poor drainage. If you have slopes, ensure runoff water is directed to a drainage system such as a pipe or a ditch. Then you must check to see that the slopes are stable, and that the runoff water will not cause erosion or landslides. You should design your landscape so that water flows away from your home towards the street drains. The longer poor drainage remains uncorrected in the landscaping around the exterior of your home, the more likely erosion is to occur, which can damage or expose your foundation.

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3. Foundation Damage

Poor drainage can both cause and exacerbate damage to a home’s foundation. As water leaks into the foundation, this causes it to deteriorate and wear away, and allows it to sink and settle improperly. This can lead to problems throughout the home, such as the development of cracks in the walls, sticking doors or windows, and other issues.

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Drainage issues must be addressed early in order to prevent severe damage and costly foundation repairs in the long term. If you are dealing with drainage or other foundation problems, give our office a call at 323-418-2239 and we will provide a free* on-site assessment and estimate.

Drainage Systems

Installing Proper Drainage Systems in Your Home

prooper-drainageIf you want a dry crawl space and a sound foundation, you must have an adequate foundation drainage system. The water content in the soil surrounding your house can fluctuate seasonally. There is always a point at which you can dig and hit water. Geologists often refer to this as the water table. This water table rises and falls in response to the amount of precipitation in any given time period. The water table in many parts of the country can rise to within a few feet of the surface during wet spells. Water will take the path of least resistance. If there is no exterior waterproofing, water can go sideways through a crack in your foundation, or it can go down alongside your foundation into a pipe. I’m sure that you will agree that it is a better idea for the water to go down into the pipe.

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Exterior foundation drainage systems, which are installed properly, serve an important roll. Foundation drain tile systems are the means by which groundwater can be transported away from your basement. Keeping water from pooling around your foundation is the most important step in keeping you home dry and your foundation stable. Water that is trapped around or under your home is the number one reason so many foundation repairs are needed across the country.

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Interior drainage systems work extremely well for many customers. Depending on your circumstances, interior drainage may be an effective solution. Many water control system companies claim to be waterproofers and only offer this method as a solution to every crawl space water problem. If a company proposes opening the floor on the inside for any reason, they are offering an interior drainage system. Only an exterior excavation to the footer or bottom of the foundation accomplishes waterproofing. Everything else is water diversion. Never only contract for an interior water control system if dampness, seepage, and or cracking on the walls are your concern, as this may result in further damage to your foundation. In combination with exterior waterproofing and or structural repairs interior drainage can be very effective.

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Be very care of companies that only offer and push interior drainage as the only solution to your water problem. While a good interior drainage system does a very good job of removing water from under your slab and diverting water vapor that penetrates walls they do nothing to solve the original problem of water forming around your foundation causing hydrostatic pressure and potential structural damage.