The Foundation Leveling Process

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What Is Foundation Leveling

the process of getting a foundation back to its original position and this can be achieved by repairing the foundation. A number of factors such as bad soil types, drainage problems and the types of materials used to build the foundation will play a role in damaging your foundation. Common signs of a foundation that is in need of foundation leveling that homeowners need to be on the lookout for include unaligned doors and windows, cracks on foundation and walls. The three most common types of methods used to level the foundation include caissons, underpinning pads & grade beams, which will be determined by the type of foundation.

Foundation leveling


Caissons are used when the soil under the house is very unstable or when the area is swampy. Caissons which are sometimes referred to as pier foundations are usually cylindrical in shape and are sunk deep into the more stable soil or bedrock in order to steadily balance the property. The caissons in the hole are then filled with concrete and allowed to dry.

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Grade Beams

Grade beams consist of a reinforced concrete beam that transmits the load from a bearing wall into spaced foundations such as pile caps or caissons. A grade beam is a column that is added in between two piers in order to distribute the weight of the house evenly on all the piers of the house, hence prevent the unleveling of the house.


Foundation Replacement

Underpinning Pads

Underpinning pads are pads that are made of concrete and are used to support sections of your foundation footing that have become weak. Underpinning pads are a preferred method of foundation leveling because they allow for a chance to only repair specific sections of your foundation that are weak instead of replacing the whole foundation.

Contact a professional foundation contractor if you are a Los Angeles homeowner or commercial building owner that is experiencing any foundation problems.

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House Leveling

House Leveling & Construction

leveling-constructionOn most structures, after long period of time, building foundations will have some degree of settlement. There are a variety of factors which contribute to the underlying causes of settlement issues that need to be evaluated to find the best remedy for each individual case. Some of the causes could include: construction on un-compacted soil (“problem soil”), undersized foundation footing, or the presence of poor drainage around your house, like a plumbing leak, over a long period of time.

When you own a house, especially an older house, you may find eventually that you have the need for house leveling. Whether your floor is sagging or your foundation needs to be repaired or replaced, house leveling process can help you bring your home to its original leveling position and to make it a safer place to live in.

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Raising a house, or just a part of a house, is serious stuff. In order to lift your foundation, you must go through a series of steps to raise it. First, you must add support through a process called shoring. During this step, beams are inserted under your home with jacks underneath. Slowly, these jacks are raised evenly, which prevents damage to your home. When the jacks are raised to the correct height, new piers are added; these new piers hold the adjustment in place.

If you need the house leveling for repairing a foundation and this is not and has never been your line of work, you want to call in a professional. Your home’s foundation is nothing to fool around with, so it is worth paying a construction or masonry company to do this project for you.

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Just as every person is unique, every job is also unique – no two pieces of property are exactly the same, and therefore, no two jobs are exactly the same. We provide personal, individual service to each one of our clients to ensure we meet their specific needs. We address each situation not just to fix their immediate problem, but also to determine and correct to cause of the problem to eliminate future foundation failures. Many companies just repair foundations, without correcting the problems that caused the failure to begin with, leaving many homeowners needing more foundation work in the future. We provide each one of our customers with excellent service, designed for and provided exclusively for them.

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