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Why Should I Fix My Foundation?

The Benefits Of Repairing Your Homes Foundation

Foundation issues arise from a variety of changes that the soils surrounding your home undergo. Unfortunately, these problems don't get better with time – they only get worse!

People usually associate foundation problems with older homes. Recent Consumer Reports show different results, where 15% of new homes had serious foundation issues!

These problems were found to have 5 main causes:
• Poor Construction
• Homes Built On Poorly Compacted Fill Soils
• Expansive Soils Damaging The Home
• Deteriorating/Inadequate Supports
• Improper Drainage Accommodations

We now understand that both older homes and new homes alike are susceptible to foundation issues. Deciding to fix these problems, permanently, is both insuring the safety of your family,  and an investment in your home that makes sense.

Why should I fix my Foundation issues now?

Homeowners often ask, "Why should I fix my foundation now?"

Not attending to foundation problems can lead to more headaches and other issues down the line. Anytime you do any work to your house, paint, stucco, windows, doors, etc. they will crack and move over time, because the foundation is still shifting. Even when you do repair the foundation, the movement of the structure back into place will again shift the structure therefore making any other work you have done crack and crooked all over again. Any finish work done to your home will constantly need to be repaired until the problem is permanently fixed.

In extreme cases, homeowners wait so long to fix the problem that entire basement walls collapse, resulting in an unlivable home that is very expensive to repair, if a repair is possible at all. Sometimes these homes must be demolished all together which can be extremely financially taxing.

It is imperative that any foundation issues be dealt with. Solving these problems now, and forever, can bring you the peace of mind of knowing your greatest investment is once again, safe, secure and fully usable. After all, a safe home rests on a solid foundation.

The "I'll Do-It-Myself" Foundation Repair

We find that often homeowners try quick-fix solutions to the damages caused by foundation problems. A common example is simply patching over drywall cracks.

While this temporarily solves the cosmetic damage, it does nothing to mitigate the foundation issue causing the crack in order to prevent it from happening again, and again, and again. Repeated patching of drywall can be frustrating and unsightly, not to mention that it leaves the fundamental foundation issue unresolved to worsen over time!

Another common fix that homeowners attempt is shaving off a portion of a crooked door or window so that it closes. This too is temporary, as the door is crooked due to an underlying foundation issue and the problem continues. Repeated shaving of doors and windows often results in varying angles of door and window frames that detract from the beauty of your home, and, again, leave the foundation issues unresolved to worsen over time.

Return On Investment Of Foundation Repair

Another important thing to consider, aside from safety, is the value of your home. As not only may you want to someday sell your home, the equity value of your home provides a financial security blanket for you and your family. You would also be hesitant to buy a home with a structural defect, and if you did, you would not pay the asking price.

The Real Estate Seller Disclosure Act requires that any know substantial problems must be disclosed to potential home buyers. Realtors tell us that they have to negotiate with buyers on a home with structural defects and usually results in a 10 to 20% in order to go forward with the sale of the home.

What is your home worth in today's market?

Do you want to devalue your home by not mitigating foundation issues? Not fixing your foundation issues is going to cost you much more money than fixing your foundation today?

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