Has your concrete become damaged?

Fortunately, many cases of concrete damage can be solved with repair solutions, which can save up to 70% of concrete replacement costs.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about the different types of concrete repair at your disposal, including foundation, surface, and cosmetic concrete repair solutions.

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How Do I Address Structural Problems Due To Concrete Foundation Damage?

While some concrete issues in the home are merely surface problems, others are more serious. Settling, erosion, and cracks are all indicators of concrete foundation damage that will need to be addressed as soon as possible in order to avoid more costly and extensive foundation replacement solutions.

A professional contractor will need to be brought in if any signs of concrete foundation damage are spotted.

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Is Damage In Concrete Foundation Serious?

Concrete foundation damage can potentially be very serious. If left unaddressed, it can lead to severe structural problems and water damage.

How Can I Prevent Concrete Foundation Damage?

In order to prevent concrete foundation damage from occurring, it is crucial to perform regular inspections and routine repairs to ensure that foundation problems are not taking root. Consult a professional contractor to stay on top of any foundation issues.

What Types Of Homes Are Most Prone To Concrete Foundation Damage?

Homes that have basement foundations are particularly prone to damages in the foundation concrete. If your home has a basement, be sure to be extra vigilant about looking out for signs of damage in the concrete foundation.

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Should I Replace My Concrete Rather Than Repair It?

Repair solutions should be able to solve most cases of concrete damage in order to avoid the need for a full concrete replacement.

In addition to being a far more costly solution, replacement services require more time and manpower, since a full team must be assembled to break, remove, set, and repour the concrete. 

This process will also take more time to be useable, while repair services will leave the updated concrete immediately ready for use.

However, a professional contractor might have to recommend full replacement in extreme cases of concrete damage. To avoid this problem, address concrete damage as soon as you notice it by booking a professional inspection.

How Does Pavement Surface Damage Occur?

Another type of concrete repair that is often less serious involves surface damages on the pavement. These types of damages can occur over time due to wear caused by foot traffic, vehicle traffic, or elemental exposure.

How Can I Prevent Surface Damage?

In order to prevent surface damage, be sure to reinforce the pavement to prevent against wear. Areas that receive a lot of vehicle traffic should take extra precautions to seal their pavement.

Are There Different Options For Surface Repairs?

Yes. Homeowners are able to customize their pavements in a variety of ways, such as by stamping or using a layover finish to offer aesthetic appeal. Simple cases of surface deterioration can be fixed through a layover finish application, providing a sightly and easy solution for your problem.

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Can Surface Damage Become Serious?

While many cases of damaged pavement can easily be treated, complete concrete replacement might be needed in extreme cases when maintenance is not routinely applied.

If you are in need of a complete replacement, consider finishing your new concrete with stamped concrete solutions to ensure more lasting durability and protection.

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How Can I Update Old Concrete?

Sometimes concrete solutions don’t need to address underlying issues, but instead, involve homeowners wishing to update old concrete with an appealing finish. This process is easy to apply and can bring about tremendous cosmetic updates.

What Solutions Are Best For Updating Concrete?

Epoxy coatings and acid stained finishes are ideal for providing concrete surfaces with the appearance of custom flooring. Using these stain solutions on garages, basements, and shop areas will provide a visual boost to your area.

What Areas Are Acid Staining Best Suited For?

Acid staining works best in areas where the homeowner wishes to have durable and affordable custom flooring. They also work well on patios and other outdoor spaces.

What Areas Are Concrete Overlay Best Suited For?

Concrete overlay works best on textured surfaces, especially those located outdoors. They are affordable and easy-to-apply solutions that can provide outdoor concrete with the appearance of natural stone.

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Teaming up with a professional contractor will assist you in selecting the best solution for your unique concrete situation in order to resolve current damage in the quickest, cleanest, and most cost-effective manner and prevent future issues from occurring.

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