Could My Home Benefit from Sister Foundation?


A homeowner’s reality is there will be maintenance and renovations to deal with over the years. While renovations can provide an external facelift when desired, there are times when homeowners wish to fortify their home without altering the appearance.

If homes are located in historic areas that are prohibited from aesthetic alterations, or if the owner decides to maintain the current curb appeal of their home, there are ways to navigate this situation. “Sister foundation” is to go-to solution for homeowners who need a foundation upgrade while preserving their home’s current charm.


What is Sister Foundation?


Is your home located in a historic region, such as those in Long Beach or South Pasadena? Do you need to strengthen your house without altering the exterior? Sister foundation renovations can help. Sister foundation involves pouring a new foundation against the existing foundation due to a perceived failure in the first foundation. For example, a new concrete foundation could be poured against a river rock or brick foundation that has proven to be faulty for the house’s stability. This process brings the house up to current codes without interfering with the original look of the home.


Sister Foundation and Seismic Retrofitting


Los Angeles homeowners may have secured themselves a prime piece of property, but there are many natural disasters they have to navigate. Having a stable foundation is essential in maintaining a home’s integrity in order to protect both property value and the safety of residents. If left without foundation reinforcement that meets current codes, homes cannot be seismically retrofitted. This means that houses with foundations such as rock or brick that haven’t been cement reinforced cannot receive necessary retrofitting needed to brace homes against earthquakes. In order to obtain or retain earthquake insurance, homeowners will most likely need to verify that their home is up to current seismic building code standards. In this case, sister foundation is the only solution that will satisfy all demands.


Pros and Cons


Sister foundation is typically a less expensive solution to repairing foundation issues. It also preserves the home’s exterior, which is beneficial for houses that already have attractive rock or brick foundations. However, even with a sister foundation, the exterior walls of the house will still be almost entirely supported by the home’s original foundation. And due to clearances, sister foundation may not always be a practical option. If you are considering sister foundation as a solution to your foundation problems, be sure to consult a professional first to see if it is the best option and to learn about what other options are available to you.


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