Why Are Drainage Systems Necessary?

Every year sinking foundations, cracked and buckled foundation walls, and cracked and uneven floors affect millions of homeowners in southern California.

Buildings located on unstable soil will settle when the foundation is subjected to moisture or poor drainage. A shifting foundation may result in structural damage and a potential decrease in the value of your investment.

If you are experiencing any of these issues:

  • Buckled hardwood floors

  • Excess water around plants

  • Flooded basement or crawl space area 

  • Mold or moisture damage in crawl spaces

  • Standing water in your lawn or vegetation areas

  • Excess water in the foundation or basement walls

  • Musty odors in living areas

  • High humidity in living areas

  • Condensation on insulation or water pipes

  • Excess water from driveway runs off into garage

  • Excess water from driveway runs off into garage

  • Condensation on air conditioning ductwork or equipment

To Avoid These Issues, We Offer Professional Solutions:

drainage water damage


Excess water damage to foundation and basement walls


Underground Downspout Extension guides water away from the foundation by connecting downspout into an underground 4″ PVC pipe and discharge to a Flo-Well

waterpool circle


Excess water harms plants, water is pooling in a planter


Catch Basin and Atrium Grates Protects plants by removing excess water from plants through a catch basin or an atrium grate and connecting into a Flo-Well

garage flood circle


Water from the driveway enters the garage


Channel Drains and Grates collect sheets of water moving across driveways and sidewalks and into a channel drain prior to entering the garage.

Look At This Illustration And Read About The Solutions Below:

Home exterior drainage
channel drain system

Trench Drains/Channel Drains

Trench drains capture stormwater flowing over a larger area like a driveway, and convey rainwater to the City’s storm drain system. These are highly effective for high-volume drainage

catch basin drain system

Catch Basins

Catch basins connect to storm drainpipes. These plastic or metal structures (either round or rectangular) with metal grates on top capture debris that can clog pipes in a drain system.Atrium grates, rounded grates and flo-wells are effective variations of catch basins.

french drains

French Drains

These divert stormwater away from your building’s foundation and can be installed in any area on your property that collects water. French drains are constructed with a perforated pipe, then gravel and filter fabric surround the pipe, similar to foundation drain systems.

yard gutter


Gutters are most frequently used in concrete areas and flat surfaces that are away from trees or any other debris that might clog the flat gutter.  

sump pump

Sump Pump

Sump Pumps are a homeowner’s first line of defense against water accumulation in a basement or crawlspace areas.

soil grading

Proper Soil Grading

Grading helps to channel water away from the building. Irrigation sprinklers should be pointed away from foundation walls

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