Has water started pooling near your foundation? This unfortunate predicament can spell disaster for the average homeowner by leading to water intrusion and foundation damage. Keep your property protected and address water damage before it has the chance to amass by equipping your home with a proper gutter drainage system.

Why Is Water Pooling Near My Home?

If water is pooling into your yard and/or intruding into your home, then your property is almost certainly suffering from drainage system failure. Additionally, if the rain downspouts are too close to the house’s perimeter, then water is likely to start pooling near the home and its foundation. Avoid water intrusion by addressing your drainage needs with a comprehensive gutter system to remove excess water and safely redistribute it away from your property.

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Can Pooling Water Damage My Property?

Yes. When not properly filtered and removed, excessive water runoff can cause excessive and costly damages for property owners. In addition to ruining yard vegetation, water runoff can enter into the foundation of the home and cause a wide array of potentially very serious foundation problems that can lead to the need for foundation repairs or replacement.

What Are Gutters?

Gutters are a drainage system method that encircle the roofline of the home. They are tasked with collecting water runoff and prevent it from pooling next to the foundation or in the yard by redistributing it away from the property.

What Are Underground Gutters?

Underground gutter drains provide an added layer of drainage efficiency. While traditional drains are attached to the house, underground gutter drains are attached to the end of a pipe that runs beneath the surface of the yard in a trench.

How Does A Complete Gutter System Work?

A complete gutter drainage system will allow for very effective and efficient water drainage. When rain occurs, water runs through the gutters on the home, down the downspout, into the catch basin below, and out from the underground piping.

Why Are Underground Gutters Needed?

While exterior gutters are a necessary aspect of many drainage systems, having underground gutters are needed to properly distribute the collected rainwater away from the property. Having gutters underground allows for the water to be redistributed safely and effectively for minimum damage.

Can You Install Gutters Yourself?

Gutters should be installed professionally to limit the likelihood of mistakes rendering the drainage system less efficient. Underground piping needs to be properly sloped to channel water from gutters to the catch basin to the underground gutter system. An inadequate flow of water could lead to the system backing up and causing water intrusion problems.

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How Do I Clean My Gutters?

Gutters need to be cleaned regularly in order to prevent clogging and maximize their ability to channel water. Monitoring exterior gutters after heavy rainfall should be able to give the homeowner a good idea of whether they are operating correctly. Pools of water and other signs of water intrusion are indicators of gutter blockage, which means that the gutters have to be cleaned out by the homeowner or a professional so that leaves and other debris are removed.

While homeowners can at times clear debris from gutters attached to the home, underground gutter drains should always be treated by professionals.

How Should My Downspouts Be Angled?  

For maximum protection against water invasion, always ensure that your gutter downspouts are dumping water at least three feet away from the building’s foundation.

Will My House Benefit From Gutters?

While gutters are not the correct solution for every property, they are a very reliable solution for dealing with excessive water runoff on the property and around the foundation in order to prevent water invasion and damage for many homes.

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What Are Signs My Property Needs Gutters?  

Indicators that your property could benefit from a gutter installation include garage and basement flooding, foundation damage, rotting wood, cracks due to water damage, and mold, bacteria, or fungus growth. If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to call a professional as soon as possible to book an evaluation and assess your situation.

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