What Is Hillside Retrofitting?

In a house built on a very steep hillside, the basic seismic retrofit (bolting the house to the foundation and adding plywood to the cripple walls) is usually insufficient to withstand strong earthquake forces.

Each hillside earthquake retrofit is a unique situation and must be planned by a professional structural engineer.

The basic idea is to secure a house to its foundation, preventing it from detaching completely and sliding downhill.

Due to the home weighing down on itself, the foundation must be strong enough to support the entire structure. Securing a home of this kind can be a very costly process.

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Hillside Retrofitting

What Can Cause Damage To My Hillside House?

Poor drainage leads to shifting soil, and other issues that are common in Los Angeles County and Southern CA.

Slope repair and hillside repair are very important in maintaining the structural integrity of your property.

Steep slopes, tension cracks, recent erosion, and massive vegetation of trees and tree roots may indicate a slope is in need of reinforcement. 


This should be addressed promptly, before more serious shifts in the soil cause more severe damage. Ways to reinforce hillsides and slopes are Retaining Wall Installations, Concrete Slab Reinforcement, Drainage Systems, Erosion Control, and Caisson Foundation.

How Can We Help?

We provide hillside foundation repair and retrofitting to residences in Los Angeles and surrounding cities in Southern CA. As specialists in the structural and foundation repair industry, our goal is to make sure California homes are safe.

We provide all types of hillside retrofitting upgrades including foundation replacement and repair, earthquake retrofit foundation bolting, and cripple wall bracing. Let our experts help you secure your hillside home.

arrow_greenAfter a thorough assessment, one of our foundation repair experts will provide you with a free*, no-obligation quote.


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