Many LA property owners are already aware of the benefits that an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) can offer. Junior Accessory Dwelling Units are another beneficial type of structure that your Los Angeles property could benefit from including.

Whether you already have an ADU or are considering expanding, find out how a Junior ADU can elevate your Los Angeles living situation for extra space and additional income.

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What Is a Junior ADU?

ADUs in LA received a major change in 2020 when state bills AB 68 and AB 881 allowed the same single-family lot to have both an ADU and a Junior ADU.

Since only one ADU is allowed per lot, the optional addition of a Junior ADU has changed the California living situation, especially in major cities such as Los Angeles.

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Like an ADU, a JADU is a miniature living unit that is allowed to exist on a single-family residential lot. While it can’t be sold independently from the main living area, it can be rented out. That means homeowners could have the main house, an ADU, and a JADU on the same lot.

However, a homeowner must be living in either the JADU or the main home before renting out the other space. This is not the case for ADUs, as a homeowner could rent out both the main property and the ADU.

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Junior ADU Requirements

Junior ADUs have specific requirements that differ from LA ADU requirements. They can be no larger than 500 square feet and the expansion is limited to 150 square feet beyond the existing accessory structure’s footprint that it is built within.

Like ADUs, JADUs must have a separate entrance from the main dwelling and mandated kitchen requirements. However, there are no parking requirements and the JADU may contain a personal bathroom unit or share one with the main property. Like ADUs, Junior ADUs are designed to contain the necessary space and access for someone to live in.

Like ADUs, JADUs come in different forms. They can be converted from existing space, such as an attic, basement, or garage conversion. They can be either attached to the home or detached from it. Unlike ADUs, JADUs must be built within the existing or proposed home or an accessory structure, such as a carport or garage.

Junior ADU Advantages

While ADUs can be up to 1200 square feet, Junior ADUs take up a fraction of the space. Therefore, they are easier to integrate onto one’s property, yet they reap the same advantages. Junior ADUs create the space needed for a studio or single bedroom apartment. Therefore, they produce affordable living opportunities in expensive cities such as LA.

Many LA homeowners turn to garage conversions to expand their possibilities as a property owner. Garages create ideal areas for renovating into Junior ADUs. The homeowner then has the option to rent the converted space for passive monthly income. Many people are seeking affordable living options, whether they are just getting started on their careers or are downsizing after retirement.

Los Angeles ADUs and JADUS meet many needs. The converted JADU space can also be used as an extra room to house family or friends. This is ideal for people with sick relatives or friends who are down on their luck. It also can be used as a family room, game room, or home office. The possibilities are endless depending on the homeowner’s needs and desires.

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Starting the Process For Junior ADU

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We’re happy to provide a free inspection, answer questions, and discuss what a potential project would look like for you, the homeowner. We also will provide an estimate and discuss your financing options and expectations.

While the process may seem overwhelming, we’ll be able to guide you through each step. From drafting plans to obtaining necessary approvals and meeting full city and state requirements, we’ll make sure that your JADU or ADU exceeds your expectations. Keep in mind that not only do ADUs and JADUs create invaluable space, but they are also likely to drive up your property value when it comes time to sell your home.

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