drainage systems tips for the los angeles homeowner

Why You Need To Install a Drainage System in The Summer

Roof Drainage

When To Install?

After experiencing rainfall during the winter, it is wise for homeowners to take advantage of the summer to install or repair their drainage systems in summer because of a number of reasons. Installing or repairing drainage systems in the summer has its own advantages over installing or repairing them in winter such as having fewer inconveniences and knowing the areas that experienced the most problems in the winter and repairing them.

Drainage Gutter

No Inconveniences

The biggest benefit to installing or repairing your drainage system in the summer is the little to no inconvenience that occurs during the process of repairing or installing of the drainage system. Some of these inconveniences which occur in winter but less likely to occur in summer include constant rain which halts the work from going further, the soil is much drier and easier to work within summer than it is in winter.  

Drainage Solution

Prevent Flooding

Yet another reason to install a drainage system in the summer is because the majority of homeowners tend to believe that destructive flooding on their properties can only occur during winter but that is far from the truth and it usually ends up costing the homeowners a lot of money before realizing that the sprinkler or garden hose can actually cause a lot of damage to their property if they don’t have adequate drainage. Sprinklers and hoses can flood your yard if left unattended for long periods of time and eventually cause big problems such as foundation damage. Damage to your curb appeal is another problem that flooding brings about. Floods tend to kill plants by drowning them, therefore, damaging the curb appeal that the buses or flowers provide for your yard.

Contact a professionally licensed drainage contractor If you suspect that your property might be having drainage problems or if you just want to prevent future drainage problems.

Call California Foundation Works to schedule a free drainage Inspection and Estimate.


What Is A French Drain ?

You need a good drainage system in order to have good drainage for your yard and landscape. Good drainage will come with a number of systems  and a french drain is almost always a necessity. A french drain is an outdoor trench installed in your yard surrounded by rocks and connected to a series of pipes that will carry the water away from the foundation of your house. It is installed underground so it doesn’t alter the outdoor scenery of your home but still provide an efficient drainage system to keep your foundation and the soil around it dry.

How Does it Works ?

As the water soaks into the ground during rain, it raises the water table underground. The french drain is installed in the ground so that the water can enter the pipes through a special cloth that covers the pipe and works as a filter for debris and soil around it. It is installed on a sloped elevation to help with the flow of water away from the house. The water then flows through the pipes and is distributed to the areas where it can drain without causing any drainage problems on your yard.  

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Who Needs a French Drain  ?

If you have a soggy yard or a wet basement, then a French drain is your cure. Here’s how they work, when to use them, the different types and cost. You’ll need a french drain when you have a problem with surface water, such as a soggy lawn or a driveway that washes out. Problems such as water is getting into your basement, you’re building a retaining wall on a hillside or you have a problem with surface water around your foundation such as a soggy and wet soil around your house footing.

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It’s best to call a professional drainage contractor whenever you experience drainage problems so that they can advise you on the best solutions to solve the problem. Call California Foundation Works on 323-418-2239 to schedule a free drainage inspection and estimate.

Landslide Threat

Protect Your Los Angeles Home Against Mudslides and Landslides


Mudslides and Landslides are powerful events that not only result in injuries and deaths but also cause damages of over $3 billion annually. Mudslides occur when mud flows off a hill or steep area usually because of torrential rain. Landslides also involve the sliding of rocks, debris or earth down a slope as a result of rain, earthquake or steep slopes. Both mudslides and landslides can cause very bad damage to your home or commercial property if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Mudslides and landslides most often occur on bases of slopes, existing old landslides or at the base of a steep cut slope. The following are some of the ways in which you can prevent or minimize damage to your property.Landslide Threat

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a structure that is build to hold soil and water. Retaining walls are very effective in preventing both mudslides and landslides and they can be built as either piling walls, cantilever walls, anchored walls or gravity walls. Retaining walls should be built by professionally licensed contractors because a weak retaining wall will be swept away and cause more damage to your property.

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Diversion Channels

If your property is directly beneath a hill, it’s vital to have diversion channels in case of mudslides and landslides. These channels will divert the rocks, debris or earth around your property and you should make sure that it is not directed towards your neighbors because you will be liable for any damage, injuries or deaths.


Vegetation with very good root systems are an excellent solution to mudslides and landslides. Having the right amount of plants will prevent mudslides and landslides but having heavy vegetation might also trigger mudslides or landslides.

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Contact a drainage contractor to prevent a mudslide or landslide from damaging your property. Call California Foundation Works on 323-418-2239 to schedule a free inspection and estimate.

Poor Drainage Can Destroy Your Landscape


A good drainage system can mean the difference between a landscape with curb appeal and one that’s an eyesore. You don’t have to live in an area that is prone to flooding in order to have a good drainage system because even areas that don’t regularly flood also tend to have poor drainage systems. Your landscape will be affected negatively if you don’t have a good drainage system.bad drainage foundation damage in los angeles

Plants Destruction

Water that pools for a long time after rain will damage plants on your landscape therefore destroying the curb appeal on the landscape. There are a number of ways in which poor drainage can damage the plants on your yard. Too much water will drown your plants because inasmuch as plants need water, they need air too and will drown without it. Plants in areas that get flooded for long periods of time will also develop a number of fungal diseases which will attack and destroy the root systems of the plants.

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Soil Compaction

The more traffic a wet area has, the more compact the soil will get because of the muddy or squishiness that water causes. Compacted soils are a problem because roots can’t freely grow through them therefore killing plants and water takes time to drain through compacted soils which causes pools of water on your yard.

Structural Damage

A bad drainage will not only harm your plants but will also damage your house and other structures on the yard. Bad drainages will eventually cause foundation damage when the water seeps into the foundation. Other structures on the property such as fences, retaining walls or gazebos will also experience damage due to poor drainage.

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Contact a drainage contractor If you want to have or to preserve your landscape. Call California Foundation Works on 323-418-2239 to schedule a free drainage inspection and estimate.



How To Choose a Drainage Contractor

How do you choose a drainage contractor ? Drainage contractors are experts who provide water management related services with regards to installation, maintenance and the supply of materials. There are different ways a homeowner can determine who is a good and reliable drainage contractor.home-exterior-drainage-system-in-los-angeles

Full Service

To choose a drainage contractor It’s important to hire a contractor that offers a wide range of services because different sets of skills other than those requested might be needed as the work progresses and new problems are discovered. A contractor should be able to address any other problems that arise as the work is going on. A drainage contractor who is able to install french drains and also build a retaining wall is better than one that only installs french drains.

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References  and Reviews

A good contractor always has good references and reviews. Checking reviews on websites such as yelp, angie’s list, facebook and bbb should always be mandatory in order to see what their previous clients think. Negative online reviews don’t necessarily mean that a company is bad but how a company responds to the negative reviews will show how a company deals with its clients.

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Licensed, Insured and Bonded

It might not seem like a big deal to verify whether a drainage contractor is licensed, insured or bonded but it is in case something goes wrong. Having an insured, licensed and bonded drainage contractor will insure that you as a client are hiring a reputable contractor that abides by regulations.  A contractor will usually have liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. Liability insurance covers damages caused by a contractor to a client’s property while workers compensation covers lost wages due to an injury or medical services.

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To hire a reliable drainage contractor, you need to check if they offer full services, their references and also check if they are licensed, insured and bonded. Call California Foundation Works on 323-418-2239 to schedule a free inspection and estimate.

concrete parking lot work

Is Your Parking Lot Flooding ?

One of the most important aspects of a parking lot that is often overlooked is its drainage. Whether the parking lot flooding is natural or man-made, it is a hazard to drivers or pedestrians and is also very damaging to the parking lot.

concrete parking lot

Even though the parking lot might seem like it’s in good condition on the surface, the pooling water will start to eat away the sealcoating and eventually allow water to seep into the pavement and begin to oxidize and deteriorate the pavement. There are three main ways in which experts can deal with this problem of a flooding parking lot.

Parking Lot Slope

The slope of a parking lot forces water to flow to a drain or wherever it is directed instead of pooling on your parking lot. Parking lots are supposed to have a minimum of 1 percent slope in order to adequately drain water without any obstructions. Unlike the other methods of preventing flooding on a parking lot, Sloping your parking lot is the most effective in cases of storms.

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Curbing of your parking lot will prevent water from flowing from the surrounding areas into the parking lot or vice versa. Curbs will also collect water runoff and drain it away as required. Curbs can be built using either asphalt or concrete depending on the the amount of force it’s going to be taking. Compared to asphalt, concrete curbs are very strong and can withstand large amounts of force.

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Patching and Compaction

If your are experiencing parking lot flooding, puddles or low spots then it is most likely due to very heavy traffic or heavy objects above the recommended weight limit were left stationary for a long time or due to improper compaction during construction. To prevent further damage, these depressions will either have to be patched or to get the parking lot reinstalled.

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Contact a Parking lot contractor if you are experiencing any parking lot flooding or puddles. Call California Foundation Works on 323-418-2239 to schedule a free inspection and estimate.


winter drainage problems los angeles

Do it Yourself or Hire a Professional Drainage Contractor ?

Hundreds if not thousands of home and property owners experience a water damage or emergency at home or work everyday. For a homeowner, water problems are the worst nightmare because of the damage that water is likely to cause.winter drainage problems los angeles

Water can cause damage that not only damages your property but can significantly devalue your house or cause serious health issues. You need to put certain things into consideration before deciding to do it yourself or to hire a professional drainage contractor:


Damage, Safety and Reliability should be put into consideration before Before you decide to repair any drainage problems.

The kind of damage you are experiencing should be be a good indicator of whether you need a drainage contractor or not. If the damage is extensive, then you obviously won’t have the necessary tools to handle that kind of problem and trying to will only worsen it. The location of the drainage damage is also very critical because damages that are too close to your neighbors’ property might cause problems for your neighbors if not fixed professionally fixed or drainage problems that are too close you house foundations might cause more serious damages if not adequately taken care of by a professional.

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Safety is one of the most important considerations you need to take as you decide whether to do it yourself or hire a professional drainage contractor. A broken sewer can compromise the health of the homeowner and his family if they don’t handle it properly. Kids and pets can easily get in contact with the leaking sewer. Electrical wirings are also a big concern when it comes to drainage repair because not all homeowner know how to handle electrical wires.

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Drainage contractors are professionally trained to do what they do and they have done most of the drainage repairs multiple times so they are reliable. Drainage contractors are there to solve the problem and find its source, unlike homeowners who are likely to only fix what’s visible hence the recurrence or worsening of the problem. So the question to do it yourself or hire a professional drainage contractor shouldn’t really be a tough one.

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So don’t be quick to fix the next drainage problem but contact a drainage contractor. Call California Foundation Works on 323-418-2239 to schedule a free drainage inspection and estimate.


timber retaining wall contractor in los angeles

Prevent Soil Erosion This Winter

Soil erosion is when the upper most layer of the soil is moved from one spot to another by a number of agents. Soil erosion mostly occurs during the winter season unlike the other seasons because of agents such as heavy rain, strong winds, mudslides and runoff.timber retaining wall contractor in los angeles

Contrary to popular belief, soil erosion is not only a problem for farmers but is just as bad of a problem for homeowners too. Even though soil erosion is natural, homeowners can take certain measures to prevent soil erosion.

Water Control

Water can cause a number of soil erosion related problems such exposing the tree roots, destroying the soil fertility that is needed for a good landscape and yards can be pretty unsightly after soil deposition. The use of proper drainage systems and the construction of good driveways can help prevent these problems. The use of rain gutters, trench channel drains and and having a professionally installed driveway will help to drain the water without causing erosion.


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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are not only a decoration but they also do serve a number of functional purposes such preventing soil erosion. For houses that are built on hillsides, runoff is inevitable and so is soil erosion which comes with it. A retaining wall will level a steep landscape and prevent runoff which might cause soil erosion.

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Plant Vegetation

Trees or other types of plants have root systems which stabilize the soil and prevent soil erosion. Planting vegetation is the easiest and cheapest way of dealing with soil erosion. You can plant trees, shrubs and flowers as a way of enhancing your yard’s landscape but at the same time use it to prevent soil erosion.

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You need to hire an expert to implement the water control techniques or to build a retaining wall. Contact California Foundation Works on 323-418-2239 to get a free inspection and estimate.

drainage system los angeles

Yard Drainage Problems During Winter

It’s normal to have a flooded yard for a few hours after a rain storm, but if your yard turns into a swamp every time it rains then you seriously need to consider hiring a drainage contractor. 

big rain on the roof

Pooling water in your yard should be taken very seriously because it can cause some very costly damages to your property and belongings. There are three main ways in which Yard drainage problems during winter can cause damage.


Even though plants do need water to grow, too much of it will kill them.  Excess rain can cause erosion which in turn exposes the roots and compromises the plants. Too much water also cuts out oxygen to the plants by filling up all the air pockets in the ground and stopping the process of photosynthesis and the plants start to die out. To prevent yard drainage problems, a professional will have to install a Catch Basin or Atrium Grates to remove excess water from plants. The Catch basin or Atrium Grates will later drain into a Flo-Well.

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Water shouldn’t flow from the driveway into your house or garage as that might not only damage your property but it’s likely to damage your belongs too. Channel drains and grates are used to prevent the flow of water into your garage or house. Channel drains will capture flowing water over a large area and channel it to the grates.


Excess water near your house will eventually find it’s way to your foundation and cause some serious problems. Once water manages to seep through your foundation, it will cause cracks to your foundation and walls or mold. To prevent this, a drainage contractor will have to install an underground downspout extension which guides water away from your foundation and guides it to a flo-well.

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You should hire a professional drainage contractor to help you solve yard drainage problems during winter. Contact California Foundation Works on 323-418-2239 to get a free inspection and estimate.

drainage problems

Wet Weather Is A Big Problem For Los Angeles Homes

Wet weather is a big problem for Los Angeles homes because it tends to affect the properties very negatively. drainage problems

Wet weather in Los Angeles tends to cause water pooling, runoff, flooding, erosion or foundation damage. The following are ways in which Los Angeles homes are vulnerable to problems that come with the wet weather:


Most houses in Los angeles are built on the type of soils called expansive soils.Expansive soils are soils that significantly expand or shrink depending on the water content. This expansion and shrinkage of the soils can cause a lot of problems for homeowners because if a home is built on expansive soils, it’s foundation might easily get damaged by the frequent change in moisture in the soils surrounding it.

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Los Angeles Homeowners with houses that are built on hillsides are very familiar with the problems that the wet seasons can bring. A home that is built on a hill without any preventive measures will experience a lot of problems such water runoff, flooding, erosion. To prevent these problems, a professional has to inspect the hillside property and then recommend some solutions such as a retaining wall or drainage system to prevent any of the aforementioned problems.

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Flooding is the collection or the overflow of water into an area. Floods can occur anytime and the presence of canyons, ravines and basins make it easy for mudslides to occur. A number of  houses in Los Angeles are very susceptible to flooding simply because they lack the proper drainage systems to adequately drain the rainwater. The use of french drains, rain gutters and sump pumps will prevent many of the problems associated with flooding.

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Hire a professional to prevent any foundation damage, protect you hillside home against damages or prevent flooding due to improper drainage. Contact California Foundation Works on 323-418-2239 to get a free inspection and estimate.

waterproofing foundation walls in los angeles

Does Foundation Waterproofing Help ?

It’s estimated that US households exceed over 1 trillion gallons of water in annual leakages and that the cost to repair the damages caused by these leakages can go as high as $27,000 for each homeowner.waterproofing foundation walls in los angeles

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of foundation waterproofing is the cost and whether it’s effective. Foundation waterproofing will help you prevent any water related problems such as mold, cracks, pest infestations and bad odors.


Prevents Flooding

Basement and crawlspace flooding is the overflowing of water into the basement or crawlspace through leaky plumbing or foundation walls and floors. Basement and crawlspace flooding is a potential problem for all homeowners regardless of their location or building type. Foundation waterproofing will prevent the seepage of water through your foundation in cases of heavy rain or when you happen to have a bad drainage system.

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Good For Your Health

A non waterproofed foundation will allow water and moisture to enter your foundation or basement, therefore causing mold and encouraging insects to live in your basement or crawlspace. Mold and certain types of insects can be very harmful to your health. A waterproofed foundation will prevent moisture in your basement or crawlspace, hence mold or insects won’t exist.

Protects Your Investment

Having a waterproofed foundation is a perfect way of continually maintaining and improving the value of your property. A weakened or damaged foundation will greatly impact the value of your house. Foundation waterproofing will prevent any costly foundation damage which may be caused by water seepage into the foundation.

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You should hire a foundation waterproofing  professional if you want to prevent any damage to your property or foundation. Contact California Foundation Works on 323-418-2239 to schedule a free inspection and estimate.

Drainage Systems

Prepare Your Gutters For Winter

Rain gutters help to direct large amounts of rainwater away from basement walls or foundation walls to prevent damage or flooding. For rain gutters to work efficiently, they have to be properly maintained and repaired.Drainage Systems

With winter already approaching, you can do the following to prepare your gutters for winter. 

Unclog Your Gutters  

Clogging is the main problem experienced by gutters. Leaves, rodents or debris are what usually clogs the gutters and cleaning them out should always be on the list as you prepare your gutters for winters. To prevent this, you should always trim tree branches that extend towards your roof as they can be used by rodents to get to your roof and it’s easy for the leaves to fall into your gutters.

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Leaking Gutters

A leaky gutter defeats its purpose because it still drains water to the basement or foundation wall. As a homeowner, you should be able to identify and patch gutter leaks as you prepare your gutters for winter. One way of checking for gutter leaks is by using a hose to run water through your gutters and then check if it’s leaking. Another way is by visually inspecting the gutters or the ground next to the house.

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Reinstall Badly Installed Gutters

What good are gutters if they were not installed properly and can’t protect your house against rainwater damage ? Most gutters that are badly installed tend to be improperly pitched. Gutters need to be pitched towards downspouts for rainwater to flow through properly. Another example of gutters that are badly installed are those that tend to be saggy and pull away from the house.

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Contact A Drainage Contractor

Contact a drainage contractor If you believe that your gutters might have a problem or if you have none at all. To get a free drainage inspection estimate Call California Foundation Works on 323-418-2239.