Drainage Solutions That Your Los Angeles House Needs


Water related damage accounts for the vast majority of property damage in Los Angeles, especially homes.

There are various ways in which water can damage your house and as a homeowner you need to have the right drainage solutions to prevent any water damage to your house. Depending on the location and size of the house, there are a number of drainage solutions that your Los Angeles house can put in place to prevent any damage.

French Drain

A french drain is an underground system that collects and diverts water away from areas around your yard that are prone to water pooling. French drains are extremely important in reducing foundation damage in areas with expansive soils or poor drainage . The water moves underground and is evenly dispersed underground to prevent pooling. French drains are some of the most effective drainage solutions a homeowner can have.

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Sump Pumps

Sump pumps basically prevent your home from flooding by automatically pumping water out of your basement or crawlspace whenever it floods. These are excellent drainage solutions if your home is in an area that is prone to flooding. Sump pumps are placed in sump pits which are in the lowest part of the house which collects channeled water and pumps it away from the structure.

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Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are used for the proper draining of water that runs off of your roof. Gutters are a draining system that is installed around the edges of the roof and diverts water into the downspouts which are  connected to the nearby water outlet. Downspouts are pipes that channel rainwater away from the gutters and then directed away from the  property.

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Trench Drains/Channel Drains

Trench drains collect and drain flowing water from large surfaces such as parking lots and driveways. These drains are used to prevent flooding in areas such as garages because of driveway or parking lot water runoff. They are very effective with draining huge volumes of water because they are long and linear.

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Heavy rain requires proper drainage

Preventative Drainage Solutions For Your Home in Los Angeles

Having trouble with your drainage can cause expensive damages if not properly repaired. Structural damage may lead to cracks and foundation damage of your house.

rain falling heavily on roof in summer

It also encourages insect infestations and damaged plants. Whether you are a real estate agent, homeowner or contractor, identifying any drainage problem especially in your Los Angeles property should be your first priority.

There are some homeowners who ignore the drainage or water problem in their homes, especially when it occurs somewhere out of their sight. The typical example of this is the basement or other hidden places. However, you should not do the same. Prompt action must be taken to avoid any alarming situation. What are the different drainage problems that you might encounter and how will they affect the foundation of your house? To know more about these issues and consequences, here are some of the drainage problems you need to understand:

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•  Basement Drainage – A spongy basement can be caused by problems with the concrete block walls, cracks, moisture and foundation damage. This drainage issue is quite alarming because the damp or wet area encourages insects, including termites, as well as mildew, mold and bacteria growth which are also allured by the wet drainage. As a result, this may affect the health condition of the people in your home.
•  Crawl Space Drainage – This is quite similar to basement issues, but this space is more unfurnished under your home foundation. This area is also at risk to water issues and can give extensive problems as the raw building materials are exposed and more at risk to water damage. The damage from crawl space drainage may affect the entire foundation of your house.
•  Ponding Water in the Yard – Just like other drainage issues, pooling water can destroy your driveway and patio surface. It causes the soil in your yard to wear away or erode, depending on your drainage issue. This eroding soil can lead to structural issues with your foundation being unsupported and may lead to expensive repairs. With ponding water, people walking in your garden might slip on the water and cause accidents. It also attracts bugs and mosquitoes that make your yard disgusting or unpleasant.

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If you are experiencing these drainage problems or other warning signs, asking assistance from any expert is advised. Drainage problems can be easily solved depending on your actions. If you keep on ignoring them, the condition of your drainage might worsen and that could lead to an alarming condition. Depending on your issue, some solutions are to install French drainage, sump pump boxes, rip rap rock, drainage pipes or matting. Erosion can often be managed through installing erosion mats. Since solving drainage issues requires knowledge and expertise, most homeowners prefer to hire a professional.

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An expert foundation repair company in Los Angeles must always possess high quality equipment, reliable staff and affordable services. With the accurate selection of a contractor, it would be easy for you to solve your problems within a short period of time. This expert should be able to answer your questions and makes your property secure from any destruction.
Whatever drainage problems you are facing, California Foundation Works provides all the best services. It is our duty to provide extensive services that can fit to your needs and budget. We provide a free* inspection and assist you to ensure that your property is in good hands. For more inquiries, you can contact us at (323) 418-2239.

It’s Rain Season Again!

Is your home protected against the potential damage that can be caused by rain and pooling water? As many homeowners know, rainwater can be devastating to your home or property.

There are many ways in which water can cause damage to your home and foundation, and many solutions you can install to prevent that damage and protect your home.
Especially here in California where we have expansive soil, water can be both a blessing and a curse. While we appreciate that fact that it has rained and we have more access to water, that water can wreak havoc upon your home. When the soil under your foundation absorbs water it expands, when the water dries, the soil compacts down and is not in the same place it was before, supporting your foundation. This can result in cracked concrete slabs and the settling of your foundation resulting in unleveled floors and a weakened structural integrity. The water can also seep into a raised foundation and cause wood rot, mold and mildew which can be very dangerous for you, your home and your family.

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It is imperative to take measures to prevent water from pooling around your home. There are many solutions to water problems. Sometimes an open underground drainage system, called a French drain, is needed. This is a process of installing a drainage system where the pipes are open and covered with wire mesh and gravel to allow the water to flow in, but not the dirt and other debris that can clog the pipes. In this way, the pipes absorb the water, instead of the soil, concrete and wood, and channel the water away from the house and the areas where it can do damage. A different type of underground drainage system is a closed pipe drainage system where the pipes are all connected to drainage boxes where the water collects and is pumped through the pipes away from the house. Sometimes, in areas that accumulate significant amounts of water or where there is a slope or hillside water pooling issue, sump pumps will be installed to help physically pump the water away from the problem area and away from the house.
There are many different drainage solutions for mitigating a water issues, but often, the reason you know you need drainage for your home to begin with is because the damage has already occurred. Depending on whether you have a concrete slab foundation or a raised foundation, there are different types of damage that your home can incur. A concrete slab foundation mainly runs the risk of being cracked. When the soil under the slab shifts, the concrete slab is no longer supported and it can shift and result in a cracked slab. The slab can also absorb water and become weakened and deteriorate.
In the case of a cracked slab or a deteriorated slab there are a wide range of solutions. Firstly, aside from installing proper drainage to prevent the problem from happening again in the future, the damage must also be addressed. If possible, the less expensive solution is to open each crack, install rebar to connect the two sides and fill the crack with epoxy substance which will both seal it and hold it together, concrete slab crack repair. If the damage is too severe the slab will have to be demolished and disposed of and a new concrete slab will need to be poured, cracked concrete slab replacement.

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It is similar with a raised foundation. The soil under the foundation is worn away by the pooling water and the foundation is left unsupported from beneath. Aside from soil issues, other issues can arise within the foundation such as water damage issues including the deterioration of metal components, wood rot, mold, mildew and the breeding grounds for creepy crawl ways. It is the deterioration of the wood and metal components that we, as a foundation specialist, will address. Any deteriorated parts will need to be replaced and strengthened and connected to the existing parts that were not damaged by the water. Any damaged wood beams or posts need to be replaced in a process called Earthquake Retrofitting, bolts that have rusted and broken down also need to be replaced and reinforced in a process called house bolting as well as replacing concrete that has subsequently cracked and broken away. All of these things leave your foundation, and therefore your home, weak and vulnerable to serious damage.

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Lastly, it is the imbalance of soil and the leveling of floors that have become uneven that must be addressed in either of the two types of foundations. Concrete caissons or piers can be installed under the slab foundation to support the foundation where the soil has been worn away, this process is commonly referred to as Foundation Underpinning. Finally, the floors, which may have warped due to the water or the unstable foundation conditions, must be leveled. Floor leveling is optional and mostly considered cosmetic, but often if the condition of unleveled floors goes unchecked it can cause other significant weakness in the rest of the frame of the house.
We hope we have given you some sufficient information to start off with. There are many other solutions depending on the severity of the damage, such as sister foundations, cripple wall bracing, post and pier reinforcement and waterproofing options. At California Foundation Works we have both years of experience and a solid work ethic to meet your foundation needs as well as your budgetary and time frame needs. We will work very closely with you to insure that we address the issue and leave you feeling safer and more secure in your home.
Call us anytime at 323-418-2238, or there is an email sheet in the contact us section of this website, to schedule your free* foundation inspection right away. The rainy season is starting and its better not to wait!