Poor Drainage Can Destroy Your Landscape


A good drainage system can mean the difference between a landscape with curb appeal and one that’s an eyesore. You don’t have to live in an area that is prone to flooding in order to have a good drainage system because even areas that don’t regularly flood also tend to have poor drainage systems. Your landscape will be affected negatively if you don’t have a good drainage system.bad drainage foundation damage in los angeles

Plants Destruction

Water that pools for a long time after rain will damage plants on your landscape therefore destroying the curb appeal on the landscape. There are a number of ways in which poor drainage can damage the plants on your yard. Too much water will drown your plants because inasmuch as plants need water, they need air too and will drown without it. Plants in areas that get flooded for long periods of time will also develop a number of fungal diseases which will attack and destroy the root systems of the plants.

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Soil Compaction

The more traffic a wet area has, the more compact the soil will get because of the muddy or squishiness that water causes. Compacted soils are a problem because roots can’t freely grow through them therefore killing plants and water takes time to drain through compacted soils which causes pools of water on your yard.

Structural Damage

A bad drainage will not only harm your plants but will also damage your house and other structures on the yard. Bad drainages will eventually cause foundation damage when the water seeps into the foundation. Other structures on the property such as fences, retaining walls or gazebos will also experience damage due to poor drainage.

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Drainage Problems

Signs You Might Have Poor Drainage

Not only do most drainage problems occur during winter but winter rain also tends to expose a lot of underlying drainage issues, which are usually hidden before the start of winter.Drainage Problems

To identify a poor drainage system, you should be on the lookout for the following signs:   

Pooling water

Pooling water is a classic sign of a poor drainage system that needs immediate attention because the water is stagnant. It’s normal for water to pool during heavy rains but it  shouldn’t last long as that signals a bad drainage system. A number of measures can be taken such as installing french drains, drywells, sump pumps or catch basins drain.

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Overflowing gutters

Gutters shouldn’t overflow and it should be a cause for concern if they do. Gutters are meant to direct rainwater away from the building in order to prevent water damage. To prevent overflowing gutters, you should clean them out regularly, check the pitch and tilt, install guards that prevent debris from falling into the gutters or the ones that prevent water from splashing over the gutters onto the ground.

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Cracks on walls and foundation

Certain types of cracks on the walls and the foundation can mean that you have a poor drainage system. Most foundation problems are caused by water, so if you have any signs of foundation damage, the chances of having a poor drainage are very high. Cracks on the corners of your windows and doors are a sign that you might have a compromised foundation. Stair step cracks are also a serious indication of foundation damage and horizontal cracks are a classic sign of foundation damage.

Water stains on the floor and walls

After water seeps into the walls of the basement or foundation, you can expect to see certain types of stains on the walls or floor of the basement or foundation. Efflorescence, water marks, reddish stains or dark stains are the most common types of stains experienced by basements and foundations experiencing water seepage. Other types of stains are caused by water that is directly dripping off the roof or water pipes.

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